Unlocking how users with disabilities access the web

There are many recognized surveys in the accessibility industry. However, voices of the online disability communities felt the data did not properly represent them. This Web Accessibility Survey was curated and reviewed with community leads to create an expansive survey that does not assume a user only has one disability or only one way to access the web.

Illustration of a mysterious keyhole like door that is open and shining light into a dark area.

1286 Respondents

20 minute average completion

Up to 84 Questions

Covering 10 Topics

A survey spanning many topics as well as borders

The online survey was able to reach a large audience across many countries thanks to the active participation of Reddit communities including r/blind and connected social ties. Survey results cover a wide variety of topics from browser usage, input devices, and assistive technology to experiences with overlays and CAPTCHA.

Survey Findings

The survey submissions provide many great insights into how users access the web and the struggles. They help us question how to best build interfaces and account for users. Furthermore, multiple instances of results differ significantly from other current surveys including WebAIM’s Screen Reader Survey.

However, raw data can be tough to interpret so we include organized results as well as key findings to provide the ground work.

  • Screen-Reader Users Can Also Be Mouse Users

  • Keyboard Navigation On Mobile Is Difficult

  • Different User Types Are Noting Negative Experiences With Overlays


One of the project’s missions is to make the results open and available to everyone. As you utilize the findings and determine more insights, feel free to reach out and we can connect to your publications. The end goal of this project is to improve the web for users with disabilities and open the knowledge to all. Sharing your findings, presentations, papers, articles can help the accessibility industry further mature.