Inclusive Accessibility Commitment

Our practices are grounded in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at Levels A and AA. However, our goal is to not only meet these guidelines but to exceed them, thereby enhancing the overall usability of our content for everyone.

Our Accessibility Promise to You

We take a comprehensive approach to ensure that our content is accessible, considering various methods of interaction, such as:

  • Keyboard navigation
  • Screen readers
  • Text magnification
  • Mobile device accessibility

Proactive Accessibility Measures

To maintain our promise, we take the following steps:

  • Pre-Publication Reviews: We carefully analyze new content for potential accessibility issues and address them before publication.
  • Keyboard Navigation Testing: All interactive content is tested for keyboard accessibility, ensuring clear focus indicators.
  • Screen Reader Optimization: We evaluate our content to ensure an enhanced screen reader experience.
  • Descriptive Links: We select link text that clearly describes the destination or action, aiding comprehension.
  • Contrast Considerations: Our color selections are based on high contrast ratios for easier distinction and visibility.
  • Responsive Design Testing: Content is regularly tested across different screen sizes and magnification levels for consistent readability.

Accessibility Feedback and Support

Your experience and accessibility are important to us. If you encounter any obstacles while using our site, please inform us. We are prepared to investigate the issue and facilitate your use of our platform.

Accessibility Assistance Contact

For assistance or to communicate any accessibility concerns, please reach out to us via email at

Note on Data Tables

While we strive to make all content accessible, some users may find navigating data tables challenging. For convenience, we offer a downloadable raw XLS version of the data to ensure that everyone can access the information they need.

Note on reCAPTCHA Use

We are aware of the limitations and impact of reCAPTCHA on individuals. For security and spam reduction outside of our control, we are including reCAPTCHA v3. The use is only for the submission form if you want to download a version of the excel document. If this creates a barrier in any way for you, we can provide the document via email by contacting