Survey Data

Accessibility Survey Results

For the sake of the communities involved, one of our goals is transparency in the results. With 1286 submissions and 84 questions there are over 100,000 table cells of data available for review. Feel free to review the content to get a granular view of the ways users access the web as well as their opinions and concerns.

If you want to use the website to review all submission data, the following table includes options that allow filtering by select demographics. The search option also can be used to find any responses across all questions. Furthermore, you can filter which questions to search within, which can be managed in the “Search In” dropdown after the search button.

Prefer to access the data as a file to use your own software for filtering and searching? Feel free to request for an excel download file. It is the same information that is available online, but in a format that users may be able to utilize in their own preferred software.

Illustration of individuals around a giant laptop with charts and graphs, where each person is analyzing the screen content by holding up tools like magnifying glasses.

Note that any filter selections and search entry automatically reloads the table and moves focus.